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Hastings Middle School, 201 N. Marian Road, (402) 461-7520
Opening Week
Opening Week Schedule:
Thursday, August 13††††††††††† †††††††† HMS Open House 6:30-7:30††
Friday, August 14 † † † † † † † † † † † † †Seventh and eighth graders only
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † ††from 8:10-2:35†

Monday, August 17 † † † † † † † † † † † †Sixth graders only from 8:10-2:35
Tuesday, August 18 † † † † † † † † † † † All students report 8:10-2:35

Students will report to their homeroom after doors are opened at 8:05 a.m. on the first day.

For the 2015- 2016 school year classes will begin at 8:10 a.m.† We ask that students not arrive at school before 7:50 in the morning and leave immediately following their last class unless directly supervised by a teacher or coach.† All students must leave the school grounds†by 3:50 unless directly supervised.

REGULAR SCHEDULE††† ††††††††††††††††††††† 8:10 - 3:35
WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE † † † † † † † † † †8:10 - 2:34
School Supplies
School Supplies: †A list of supplies needed for
each grade level can be found in the July Newsletter,
located under the Newsletter tab.

Back to School Opening Schedule

Open House: August 13th, 6:30-7:30 p.m.†
Welcome to the HMS Garden!

Click below for a closer look at the HMS Garden:

New Addition:
Glow Run
†††††††† ††††† ††
The Glow Run (3K/5K Run/Walk) was a complete success this year!† Over 385 participants were actively having fun on the night of May 8th.† A special thanks to all involved, especially the Glow Run committee, for working diligently to make this event possible.†
Can't wait to see you all again next year!
2015 Educator of the Year: Mr. Jayson Stoddard
HMS celebrates Mr. Stoddard at a school assembly!

State Future Problem Solving
Character Education: 8 KEYS
The "Tireless Teacher Award" was presented to the following teachers for their tireless efforts in school to help every student, every day:

Margaret Olsen

Kristen Slechta

Hilary Caldwell

Vicki Hesselgesser

Cody Ochsner

Doug Sejkora

Night of Excellence

7th Grade & "8 Keys of Excellence"
The seventh graders decorated their classroom doors in order to demonstrate what they have learned about the "8 Keys of Excellence!" †Each door was inspired by our character education program that is taught during Tiger Time.†

Student Council:

HMS Student Council 2015-2016

HMS Student Council invites ALL interested students to apply and campaign for the 2015-2016
school year.† Application packets are available at the bulletin board between the Counselor's office and
the 8th grade podOR the bulletin board by the front entrance restrooms.† Application packets are due to
Mrs. Slechta, room 806, by Wednesday, April 15th.† Campaign week will occur between Monday, April 20th and
Friday, April 24th.† Campaign rules and requirements are available in the application packet.†
Election day is Monday, April 27th, during lunch.† The voting ballot is online and will be supervised
by current student council members.† We are so excited to share this leadership opportunity.† Thank you!

NASSP Conference
These HMS educators recently traveled to San Diego to do a presentation about HMS at the National†Asssocation†of Secondary School Principal's (NASSP) Conference. They had about 200 people in their session where strategies and programs were shared with other educators. In turn, they listened to other schools present and were able to interact and ask questions about how they strive for success.†

L-R: Jayson Stoddard, Kristen†Slechta, Brooke O'Neill,†
Michele†Kimle, Tiffany†Opperman, and David†Essink.

8th Grade
8th Notes
The HMS†8th Notes music group recently raised money for the food pantry.
8th Grade Band
Congratulations to the HMS 8th grade band for being†
selected as one of ten groupstoperform at the State Capitol during "Music Education Week at the Capitol!" They will be performing on Friday, March 6th at 12 noon.
The 8th grade band went through an audition process during the first week of the second semester for a chance to play at the Capitol. During this process, they pushed themselves to perform at a high level. They knew going into it that they were going up against other bands, choirs, and small groups from all-over Nebraska and that the judges could only fill ten spots for this event. Kudos to all of the students and their instructor for their hard work in preparing and being selected for this event!
Pennies for Patients:

Hastings Middle School would like to personally thank all staff, students, parents, community members, and Five Points Bank for helping us raise $7,640.18 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.† It is our great pleasure to celebrate the efforts of so many to help those in need.†
Sincerely, Student Council


Chucking Change to Make Some CHANGE!

Student Council
†† "Teacher of the Month"
Nominate a teacher who deserves celebration and appreciation.† Simply click below and type the reasons why he or she should be recognized.† Student Council members will read and vote.† Thank you!

Let's Celebrate:
September's Teacher:† Mr. Rosno

"Mr.Rosno makes learning fun and understandable. He gives great examples and resources. We play games that help and encourage us to study. He is an amazing teacher!"
October's Teacher:† Mr. Trindle
"He is one of the nicest teachers I've ever had. He makes learning fun. He does extra activities, such as coaching. He lead his team to an undefeated season."
November's Teacher:† Mrs. Hesselgesser
"She is very active and good with children. She is amazing, and I now love to read!"
December's Teacher:† Ms. Beach
"I think Mrs. Beach should be the teacher of the month because she is kind, patient, and positive every day. She makes math class fun and challenging."
January's Teacher:† Mr. Baptiste
"He is my absolute favorite teacher and makes class interesting and fun everyday!
Obviously, Mr. Baptiste deserves this honor."

February's Teacher:† Mrs. Northrop
"She is the greatest teacher because she is so nice.† She knows what it's like to be in middle school. She also tells AMAZING stories!
You also can have your opinion as long as you can back it up."

March's Teacher:† Mrs. Hoppe
"Mrs Hoppe is an amazing teacher.† She also loves to read and knows how to get things done. I could go on and on about what she does to help us!"
April's Teacher: Mrs. Beave
"Mrs. Beave brings spunk into the classroom and lights up my day."

Bell Schedules
Hastings Middle School†Bell Schedules
Click Here

Oreo Sweepstakes

†If you havenít heard about our OREO Sweepstakes you may want to ask your student.

Each week we ask a trivia question and usually a riddle to get a phone number to call. The first homeroom in each grade level that calls the correct phone number with the answer wins†a box of Oreo Cookies!

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